Top 10 Best Parker Compound Bows 2020 Reviews

Are you looking for something to upgrade your current set of wheels? Are you interested in the field of archery but you’re not sure of what to buy? Are you inspired to become the next Katniss Everdeen and master all the bull’s-eye shot? Look no further, this article is going to introduce you to a set of high-quality compound bows. Compound archery can be very technical and overwhelming because of all the terminology and acronym they use. However, our job to narrow down all the choices with the provided buying guide will make it less difficult for you.

Product Features:

Eye Dominance: Determine your dominant eye. You should find out which eye is your brain’s preferred visual input. It is usually the same side as your writing hand. However, there may be some cases that you have ‘cross dominance’. You can determine this easily: form a triangle opening with your fingers, keeping your eyes open and look through the triangle while centering on something, and the last step is to close one eye then the other. If the object jumps, then it’s not your dominant eye. Your dominant eye will keep the object centered in the triangle. This is very important, as if you cannot see clearly, you cannot shoot properly.

Draw Length and Weight: This refers to how far you can draw back the bowstring. The ideal length should not be too short or too long. If it’s too short, it might lead to inaccurate shots and increase bow torque. If it’s too long, it may lead to improper posture and tension to the bow. Some compound bows have a limit of the draw length before the string stops. Choose the one that can be adjusted to fit your draw length comfortably. Consult experts or your friends to help you measure the ideal draw length with ease and precision. Match the weight of the bow to your strength to ensure better let-off. Most bows are adjustable with their draw weight these days.

Axel-to-Axel Length: Axel-to-axel length or the bow length is important, because of its effects on maneuverability and stability with the bow. You should consider the purpose of your bow to base the ideal length off. If you’re considering the bow to use it for hunting, opt for a shorter one, If you’re using it for target practice or shooting, you should opt for a longer bow. If you’re a beginner, you should start with longer bows as they are more forgiving. Ultimately, pick the one that best reflects your needs and comfort. Speed and noise should also be considered, as they are very important elements as well.

10. PSE RTS, Uprising

PSE RTS, Uprising

The top tenth-best compound bow on the list is the Uprising model by PSE Archery. This compound bow is designed with UP Cams for high performance, roller glide cable-guard, and ready-to-shoot function. Compared to other competitions, it is highly adjustable, versatile, and easy to maneuver. The weight of the actual bow is around 3.2 lbs with the draw weight of 15-70 lbs. and the draw length of 14” to 30 “. The speed can go up to 310 FPS, with 30” axel-to-axel length. On top of that, this product also comes with a ready-to-shoot package including 3-pin sight, arrow rest, 6” stabilizer, and a 5-arrow quiver. This makes it a great compound bow for kids and beginners. The design of the bow is also one of the perks.


  • Ready-to-shoot package
  • High performance
  • Adjustable and affordable

9. Bear Archery New 2018 Approach RTH Compound Bow

Bear Archery New 2018 Approach RTH Compound Bow

Ninth on the list is a compound bow from a well-known archery company. They are renowned for their high quality and durable products. This is the 2018 New Approach RTH compound bow by Bear Archery. This compound bow is suitable for you if you’re right-handed. It offers the best value price. The axel-to-axel length is at 32” providing 330 feet per second with the single-cam system. It is well-designed for easy tuning and shoots quietly. It is easy to set up and use. If you’re looking for something durable for your hobby, this is the bow for you. The compound bow is also very stylish.


  • Right-handed
  • Faster speed and quiet noise
  • Easy to set up and get used to

8. Bear Archery Limitless Dual Cam Compound Bow

Bear Archery Limitless Dual Cam Compound Bow

This is an improvement from the previous model. This compound bow is also by Bear Archery. The bow is made with a dual cam system to provide stronger punches at 265 FPS. With the speed, it is the ultimate bow for youth and hunting compound. The bow is also perfect for transitioning from a backyard hobby to a more professional platform. This model is also highly adjustable from 19” to 29” draw length and from 25-50 lbs. draw weight. On top of that, the bow also comes with a ready to hunt package of equipment such as the Trophy Ridge sight, whisker biscuit, 3 arrow quiver, peep sight, and nock loop. With all these tools, your archery session will be even more enjoyable. It is also designed with a cool camouflage finish.


  • Dual cam system with 265 FPS
  • Adjustable axel-to-axel length
  • Good draw weight and length range
  • Ready-to-hunt equipment

7. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

This is the 7th best compound bow on the list which is the Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package by Diamond Archery. This is the bow you should opt for if you’re looking for something with the perfect balance and steady shots guaranteed. This is because the bow is designed with an integral stabilizer and cam stem for an effortlessly smooth pull. The synchronized binary cam system provides flawless nock travel and tuning that maximize accuracy and consistency. The draw length is within 13-31 inches with an adjustable draw weight from 5 to 70 lbs. and the speed up to 310 FPS. This is extremely high-quality and durable with great technology. It is also compatible with everyone, no matter your hand orientation.


  • Adjustable and Durable
  • Synchronized Binary Cam System
  • Great speed, draw weight and length

6. Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow

This is another compound bow model by Bear Archery. This Cruzer G2 compound bow is for adults and it is engineered for all age and skill levels with maximum-versatility. This is designed to be very adjustable and lightweight with both draw weight and length. The draw weight is between 5 to 70 lbs. and 12’’ to 30’’ draw length range that can shoot up to 315 feet per second. On top of that, the bow comes in a package with all the necessities for ready-to-hunt function and 6 Trophy Ridge accessories. All the adjustments can be made easily without any complicated tools. The bow is suitable for both left-handed shooters and right-handed shooters in a variety of colors.


  • Maximum versatility and adjustability
  • Effortless adjustments
  • High-quality designs to suit everyone

5. Bear Archery Pledge Compound Bow

Bear Archery Pledge Compound Bow

Following closely at number 5 is also another compound bow by Bear Archery. This model is very different features wise compared to the previous one. At 4.25 lbs. in the actual weight, this bow can shoot up to 300 FPS with a 70% let-off. On top of that, it has the draw length range of 21’’ to 31’’ and 40lb to 70lb in draw weight. This is more suitable for those who are experienced and looking for something more professional when hunting. The axel-to-axel length is around 31.5’’ with around 7’’ brace height. The package does not just come with a bow, it also comes with a trophy Ridge Mist 3-pin sight, arrow rest, peep sight, and D-loop. You do not have to worry about extra accessories or gadgets if you choose this product for any purpose.


  • High-performance bow for adults
  • Necessity package for all purposes
  • Adjustable and durable



Our fourth best compound bow is by PSE Archery, this is the Miniburner model. This bow is designed for kids and beginners with ultra-adjustable settings that can be used over the years. This compound bow comes with everything you can need and a ready-to-shoot package. The bow is lightweight with a PSE FC cam system, rubber panel grip with 3-pin sight, arrow rest and quiver, stabilizer, and three arrows. The axel-to-axel height is around 25’’ with the draw weight of 29-40lb and the draw length at 16’’ to 26.5’’. On top of that, the bow itself only weighs 2.7lbs with 65% let-off. The range makes it compatible with younger archers while being light enough to use even when hunting. It is available for both left-handers and right-handers in different colors.


  • Kids and beginners friendly
  • Accessories package
  • Lightweight and can be used for a long time

3. Southwest Archery Ninja Kids Youth Compound Bow Kit

Southwest Archery Ninja Kids Youth Compound Bow Kit

This Southwest Archery Ninja Youth Compound Bow ranked very high on this list at number This is a well-deserved ranking for many reasons. This bow is a great option for beginners and kids. It is fully adjustable with the draw length between 19.8’’ and 28.5’’, and the draw weight between 10-20lb without requiring bow press. It is a reliable and versatile compound bow with high-quality metal riser and accessory ports to install sights, arrow rests and quivers, and stabilizers. The bow itself weighs only 3.4 lbs. with 36’’ axel to axel length. This bow is designed with the technology to allow bigger weight let-offs at 55%. It also features a split yoke tuning system that allows for precise adjustments and accurate arrow flight. The bow comes in many colors and options for both right-handers and left-handers. If you’re looking for something reliable and affordable for your kids or yourself as a beginner, this is the right choice for you.


  • Versatile, reliable and affordable
  • Best for kids and beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Bow package includes all the tools you need.

2. PREDATOR ARCHERY Raptor Compound Hunting Bow Kit

PREDATOR ARCHERY Raptor Compound Hunting Bow Kit

Moving on to the second-best compound bow on this list, this is the Raptor Compound Hunting Bow Kit by Predator Archery. If the last bow is more for beginners, this is more for those who are experienced. It can fit all your purposes no matter you’re a hunter, bow-fishing enthusiast, or target shooting. The bow offers great versatility for anyone, adults, youth, or even beginners. The bow is fully adjustable with 30’’ axel-to-axel length weighing 3.6 lbs. The draw length ranges from 24.5’’-31’’, and the draw weight can be from 30-70lbs. This bow is of high-quality machinery with aluminum cam and modules machinery. It allows for up to 75% let-off and a split yoke tuning system for easy adjustment and accurate arrow flight. The Raptor bow comes in a complete package with all the necessities. On top of that, this archery company offers a lifetime warranty program that covers all the defects that affect the bow.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • High-quality and complete bow package
  • Adjustable and versatile
  • High-performance and reliable for any occasions

1. PSE ARCHERY Brute NXT Compound Bow Package

PSE ARCHERY Brute NXT Compound Bow Package

This is the best compound bow on our list for adults. This is the PSE Archery Brute NXT compound bow package. It is a new and improved model for 2020 with the technology and equipment to match. The bow comes with 30 ¾’’ axel-to-axel length, 22.5’’ to 30’’ draw length, and 55-70lbs. draw weight. On top of that, the bow is around 3.5lbs with 80% let-off and the speed of 328FPS. It is built very well for accurate and fast enough for any type of use. Because of its lightweight, so it is easy to carry in all situations. Despite the lightness, it packs enough power and speed. This PSE bow also comes with a ready-to-shoot package that includes: 3-pin sight, arrows, arrow rests and quivers, and stabilizer. It is the perfect option for a compound bow if you’re into hunting. The compound bow has great reviews online as a great hunting bow that is affordable and high-performance, easy to shoot, and forgiving. It is also available for both right and left-hand orientation.


  • High-performance and reliable
  • Easy to carry
  • Ready-to-shoot package

Great versatility and accuracy


All in all, now that you’re familiar with what to look at when you want to buy a compound bow and the top 10 options in the market, you should be able to make a wise decision. Compound archery is a hobby that can be a rewarding and fun way to spend your days. Thus, it is more special than just shooting arrows. Your bow is part of your investment; therefore, if you’re looking for your perfect bow, choose the one that fits your style, needs, and budget. Look at all the 10 options in our list, and make a sound decision. Happy shopping!

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