Top 10 Wood Foosball Tables 2020 Reviews

Do you enjoy spending quality time with your family at home? Or, are you bored with just sitting and chitchatting with your peers during parties? And, are you looking for an interactive game to have fun with your loved ones? So, why not buy a foosball game to lighten the atmosphere and boost the interaction. It is now time to get out of your bed and sofa to have some physical fun with the foosball tables. And, you do not have to worry about researching which brand or which type of foosball table you should buy. We have already compiled a quality list of top ten foosball tables for you to choose from according to your preference.

Portability: You need to consider if you will just place the foosball table in a permeant spot or frequently move it around. If you want to bring the foosball table to different parties, we recommend you look for the ones with a compact size and lightweight.

Standard Design: If you want to have a fair and professional game, we suggest you look for the foosball tables that are built with standard quality. It might come at a higher price, but you will love the feeling you got on the game table starting from precise control on the table to its stable surface, etc. Or if you just want to have fun, this might not be your concerning point.

10. Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table

Atomic Gladiator 56

First onto our list is the 56” foosball table from Atomic. If you are looking for a medium-size foosball table to place in the limited space of your house, this is a good pick. This foosball table comes with eight solid steel rods, 4 on each side, with every rod attached with a solid wood handle. There is a 3.5” leg levelers to ensure that each play gets an even playing field. ¬ This foosball table also has an internal ball return and entry system to ease the gameplay. You also get an abacus scoreboard attached along the table to help keep track of the score, so you do not have to do notetaking. And, this table is also a great choice for a party with its built-in cup holders for your soda or alcohol. When you purchase this foosball, you also get four balls, just in case you keep losing it.


  • Solid Steel Rods and Wood Handles
  • 3.5” Leg Leveller
  • Abacus Scoreboard and Built-In Cup Holders

9. Tornado Foosball Table – Made in The USA – Commercial Tournament Quality Table Soccer Game for The Home

Tornado Foosball Table - Made in The USA - Commercial Tournament Quality Table Soccer Game for The Home

In our 9th place, we have a quality foosball table from Tornado, a great addition to every house. This foosball table has a stunning design with a black laminate finish with a 1 1/2″ thick cabinet. The leg levelers of the table are also adjustable to your preferred height; thus, it is convenient for you to move it onto your party table from the floor. Like the earlier foosball table, the handles of this table are also made some solid nature woods for you to hold onto tightly and smoothly. Tornado has improved the counterbalance of the table field with sharper corners and enhanced cross-section so that you can help better control on the ball and passing it around. This foosball also uses 1.5” snap-in bearings to provide each player a smoother play.


  • Stunning Design with Black Laminate Finish
  • Adjustable Leg Levellers
  • Improved Counterbalance with 1.5” Snap-in Bearings

8. Mainstreet Classics 36-Inch Table Top Foosball

Mainstreet Classics 36-Inch Table Top Foosball

If you are a big fan of classic foosball, this Mainstreet 36” foosball table should be highly placed in your consideration list. This foosball table comes in a compact size for convenient portability and easy storage, it would not take up much of your space. Thus, you can store it in your storage when you are not playing and easily bring it out to put on a flat when you want to play. To keep it as classic as possible, this foosball tables uses a “soccer-style” ball. You will get two of them when you purchase them. The table also comes with two manual sliders for you to keep track of the score. And, it has a dual-end ball return system on each goal side so you can easily take out the ball for replay after each score. However, this foosball can only support two players since it has 3 handles on each side; but it should be enough for your small play at home.


  • Compact Size for Portability
  • Classic Style
  • Duel-end Ball Return System and Score Sliders

7. American Legend Charger 52” Foosball Table

American Legend Charger 52” Foosball Table

From the American Legend, we have a 52” foosball table with a stunning wooden design. With the 52-inch size, this table has four handles on each side, thus there can be up to 4 players playing together. To ensure a competitive game, it also has an abacus-style scoring system so that you can make a bet when competing with your peers. This foosball table also has an internal ball return built-in, so that you can replay the game as fast as possible after every score. The 0.5-inch rods have a chromed finish for easy handling and smooth control on the ball movement. The solid 3.75” square legroom provides just enough space for the 4 players to stand or 2 players to move around at ease. The square legs are also sturdy enough to ensure stability in for long run. It also comes in an affordable price tag, so get ready to have fun with this one.


  • Abacus Scoring Board
  • Internal Ball Return System
  • Sturdy and Stable Table Legs

6. Atomic Pro Force 56″ Foosball Table

Atomic Pro Force 56

We have another product from Atomic on our 6th place, the “Pro-Force 56”. This foosball table is made of high quality for active playing. You can play it every day, but it will still work smoothly and look as new. This foosball table also has the internal ball return and entry system for convenient play. You also get a 3.5” leg levelers so that you can have a fair play with your peers or family. The eight rods are made of steels attached with rubber handles. Like its earlier offer, this table also comes with four balls since Atomic knows that the balls can get lost quite easily. Besides, this is a high-end bamboo laminate foosball table from Atomic, it has a stunning and classy style; so, you might also want it as a decoration to your house to show off to your visitors.


  • Durability
  • Internal Ball Return and Entry System
  • Stylish and High-End Design

5. Sport Squad FX40 40 inch Table Top Foosball Table

Sport Squad FX40 40 inch Table Top Foosball Table

In the middle of the list, we have a compact mini foosball table from Sport Squad. Just like its name, this foosball table is small in a compact design with a weight of only 15 lbs. Thus, it is easy for you to move it around, especially when you bring it to a family gathering or a house party. And with this size, it can easily fit into any storage or be placed onto any table surface. This foosball table’s rods are made of chrome-plated steel to provide a swift shot to the player. The rods are also attached with rubber grooved handles so that each player can have a strong and stable grip onto it. It also has a convenient ball return system built in to help the gameplay run even more smoothly. While to make sure that it looks fresh and new, the tables pads are made from non-marking rubbers so that the surfaces would not easily get a scratch. Meanwhile, this foosball table is also designed to protect the surface that it is on, with the protective foam cushion on the table legs.


  • Compact Size for Portability
  • Strong and Stable Grip on Handles
  • Anti-Scratch on the Surface

4. Best Choice Products 48in Competition Sized Soccer Foosball

Best Choice Products 48in Competition Sized Soccer Foosball

This 48-inch foosball table arrives in a perfect size for a foosball competition. This is a perfect addition to any game room, arcade, entertainment area, and even your living rooms. A replication to the real-world football, each side of the play has 11 players with 4 rows each. The table is also party-friendly with its built-in cup holders for soft drinks and alcohol. So, you can have a toast whenever a game is too heated. The grips of the tables are also comfortable for you to hold and control the balls. You will not experience much ball movement delay when playing since the table surface is made perfectly smooth and friction-less. This foosball table is built to last with its durable and sturdy composition such as firm composite wood and chromed steel rods so that you can keep playing for years to come. With the wooden design, this table can even act as furniture to the interior of your place.


  • Party-Friendly Design
  • Friction-Less Surface
  • Durability

3. Rally and Roar Foosball Tabletop Games and Accessories, Mini Size

Rally and Roar Foosball Tabletop Games and Accessories, Mini Size

To our top 3, we have the colorful foosball tabletop from Rally and Roar. This table is a miniature model of the classic and mainstream foosball tables. It comes in a compact size in a mixture of three colors, blue, white, and yellow. With the compact size and lightweight, of course, you get to move the table around at ease and bring it to any party at your best convenience. All you have to do is to place it on a plat surface so that you can start playing without any complicated set-up. Despite coming in a compact size, the fun you will get is not any less; t will keep you and your peers as interactive. This foosball table is built for long play with its sturdy and heavy-duty. Designers build the rods of this foosball with chrome-plated steel and encrypt each end of the rod with a non-slippery rubber handle. Thus, you will always feel in control when holding the handles. This is a quality design and will enhance your game excitement to another level.


  • Compact Size for Portability
  • Colorful Designs
  • Sturdy and Heavy Duty

2. Best Choice Products 2x4ft 10-in-1 Combo Game Table Set

Best Choice Products 2x4ft 10-in-1 Combo Game Table Set

Coming to the second place is the combo game table that allows you to play beyond just a foosball game. And you know what, you can play 10 different games with this table’s interchangeable top alone including foosball, slide hockey, pool, table tennis, shuffleboard, chess, checkers, cards, bowling, and even backgammon. So, you will never get bored being the owner of this table. Despite the various playability, this table is in fact space-saving, as all surfaces for different games can be placed between the foosball table and the billiard base. It might sound quite complicated, but the set-up and top changing steps are straight forward and do not cost much time. Besides these, the table also has a stunning wooden design on its exterior, thus it will also add to the interior of your living room or even office space. It is also built to last with its 4 sturdy legs standing on a non-slip footing for enhanced stability. Rest assured that you will have endless fun with this 10-game table, and it will never bore you out.


  • 10-in-1 Game Table
  • Space-Saving Feature
  • Easy Set-Up
  • Sturdy Build

1. Rally and Roar Foosball Table Game – 56”

Rally and Roar Foosball Table Game – 56”

We have another foosball table from Rally and Roar on the list, and this time it is our number one recommendation. If you are a big fan of foosball and want a sole focus on the foosball game, this should be it. Coming in a black classic wooden design, it provides an astonishing outlook on top of its fun. Every piece and every corner of this table is made under standard and quality construction to ensure a fair, smooth, and pro gameplay. You also do not need to go through any complicated assembly for this table, it requires zero electricity or batteries. To help you feel professional while playing on this foosball table, Rally and Roar designed it with ergonomic handles, a solid wooden bead scorer, and weighted players. You will always feel in control of its steel rods and wooden handles. The ball will always be in motion with the ramped edge design. And, it comes with an inbuilt ball entry and returns the system to facilitate the game. The table is also built to last with its sturdy and oversized leg levelers which can also protect your floor surface. If you want to play a foosball game with a class, this should be it.


  • Professional Design
  • Professional Playability
  • Stunning Outlook in Black
  • Durability


So how are our suggestions for you? We hope you got to find your most favorite one among the list provided. And, we cannot wait to see you have fun with your peers and family with this interactive foosball game. Make a good pick and enjoy your shopping!

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